Rule Book Tool


The Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006, CATSI Act, brings Aboriginal Corporations more in line with mainstream corporate law. It provides added flexibility and protection, and in some cases places extra responsibilities on Directors and CEOs.

Existing Aboriginal Corporations need to amend their rules to comply with the CATSI Act by 30 June 2009. New groups incorporating under the CATSI Act need to ensure their rules comply with the Act.


Your Board, members and management team is guided through a facilitated, participatory and empowering one day workshop using our purpose designed ‘Lets design our rule book’.


The EMPOWER rule design workshop using Rule Book Tool ensures that:

  • Your rules are designed by your team to meet your needs.
  • Your rules understood by members, board and management.
  • Directors know, understand and are able to meet their obligations.
  • Effective and efficient decision making and meetings.
  • Board and management aligned and working together.


  • Easy to follow, graphically enhanced posters and workbook.
  • Graphical summary of your rules ready for your SGM.
  • Your final legal rules prepared ready for adoption at SGM.
  • Economical ‘do it yourself’ option using our tools.

Comprehensive Content

The content covers everything required for CATSI rules and can include:

  • Value added ‘good governance’ tips from experienced facilitators.
  • The development or review of your code of conduct.


‘We completed the redesign of rules for three corporations in one day, and it was fun.'
Chris Wilkens, CEO Kundat Djaru Aboriginal Corporation, Ringers Soak, WA .
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