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Rob Burdon
Managing Director


Jude Torzillo

  Maxine Addinsall
Graphic Design 
Rob is the founder, Managing Director and creative force behind the company, established in 1994. Rob’s early background in agriculture and business management led him to community development projects in Somalia, Calcutta, Tijuana and on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara lands in South Australia. Rob has developed cross cultural tools and software in areas that include strategic and business planning, financial reporting, good governance training, facilitation, negotiation and community development. Jude is the co-founder and Director, with a background in nursing and community development. Jude established and managed a housing Co-operative in Sydney for 10 years. In 1991 she worked as a Community Health nurse on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara lands. Jude has been involved in Indigenous health for 17 years. Jude has experience in Indigenous health, health information systems, management software development, cross cultural communications, strategic planning and good governance training. Maxine is a Graphic designer and desktop publisher. Maxine has 20 years experience in visual arts and graphic design, and 8 years working with community based and indigenous services in Central Australia. Maxine provides high quality graphical and information designs and works closely with the team bringing our visual explanations to life.
  Greg Snowdon


  Dr Stuart Phillpot
With a background in political science, Greg has extensive experience in enterprise development, and community development in Indigenous communities across Australia. He has over 20 years experience working with Indigenous people in natural resource management, enterprise and eco-cultural tourism development, facilitation and strategy development and good governance / management training.


Stuart has over 30 years experience in the community development and education field. This includes governance leadership, small business and land use management education and training in a range of cross cultural environments. He has worked in Asia Pacific, Europe and Australia. He currently works with IBA, DEST the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre, World Vision ,governance training and development for ORIC and IBA Business clients. Stuart has a PhD, BAgEc, Cert in Ab. Wel., Cert. IV in Workplace Training and Assessing.

  Deborah Bogenhuber
  Chris Carey
Financial Analysis 
  Neil Bell 

Deb is an ecologist with a background in administration and project management. Deb has worked with National Parks and Wildlife service in research, planning, conservation management, and recently as Environment Officer for Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation in Broken Hill. Deb also has experience and skills in workshop facilitation, and governance training with Indigenous Boards of management.

Chris has over 20 years experience in bookkeeping, accounting and financial management of remote Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal Corporations, enterprises and Regional Local Government entities. He has worked with Yagga Yagga Community in WA, Northern and Central Land Councils, the Institute for Aboriginal Development, Nganampa Health, Anyinginyi Congress, Alice Springs Local Government and most recently the Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs.


Neil is our senior legal consultant with a background in Indigenous education, linguistics, and politics. Neil has worked as a lawyer with numerous Aboriginal Organisations as well as mainstream practices. Neil has been a teacher in remote central Australia for several years, and has been a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory for 15yrs. He is a linguist who speaks several Indigenous languages.