EMPOWER Good Governance


The Indigenous sector is under pressure and scrutiny by government and the public to improve outcomes, accountability and responsibility with limited resources, in the most challenging of environments.

How do we achieve this so members, directors and management have a shared understanding of their roles and governance and to enable them to work together to achieve their objectives and optimum outcomes?


The workshop process and EMPOWER tool kit align the board and management giving all a shared understanding of governance, management and their respective roles and responsibilities.


  • Improved accountabilities and responsibilities.
  • Highlights the ‘separation of powers’ between executive and managements roles.
  • Directors know and understand their roles and obligations.
  • Builds capacity, skills and competencies.
  • Promotes self awareness, esteem and confidence.
  • A valuable training and orientation asset.
  • Effective decision making and meetings.


The EMPOWER tool kit and the facilitated process;

  • Is highly participatory, your team design your EMPOWER kit.  
  • Meets your legislative requirements.
  • Accurately reflects your governance arrangements.
  • Builds on known concepts and knowledge.
  • Access to ongoing mentoring when required.

Comprehensive Content

Comprehensive content includes; governance, management, vision, purpose, roles, legislation, rules, policies and compliance to name a few

‘BT's EMPOWER kit and governance awareness sessions were clear and concise - an exercise in explaining complex statutory obligations and principles of good governance in a friendly, digestible and visual way, it had great results.’
Jayne Weepers, Senior Policy Officer, Central Land Council
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