How to find the optimum solution to complex problems in one of the most challenging business environments.

How to get the best from a diverse, cross cultural or multi-disciplined team.


Releasing the best within your team, revealing innovative solutions, creating synergies, implementing change and delivering positive outcomes.


An environment of mutual respect and trust underpins our methodology which maximises participation, draws out innovative solutions and delivers optimum results.

Outcomes from Burdon Torzillo facilitation techniques include;

  • Problems solved, optimum solutions identified
  • Team aligned, a clarified and shared purpose
  • An outcome and results focused team
  • Improved corporate culture and team esteem
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiencies


  • Expertly facilitated workshops
  • Everyone respected and involved
  • Right brain techniques - ‘mind mapping’, ‘talking paper’, ‘quick pix’ - maximise participation and unlock innovation
  • Narrative or business storytelling, uncovers the story behind the story
  • Visual explanations illustrate key concepts


  • Corporate change
  • Decision making processes
  • Outcome focused, process flow systems
  • Plans, restructures and reviews
  • Submission design
  • Visions and directions


‘Burdon Torzillo's facilitation techniques are a breath of fresh air. Their use of graphics gets the message across the language and culture gaps.’
Tony Keyes, Lawyer, Central Land Council
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