Bourke Community Working Party:
Community development and strategic plan 2004-2007


To establish and monitor the strategic directions of the Aboriginal people of Bourke through the Community Working Party who have been elected as the representatives of the families and clan groups of the town.


Conduct an audit of the current reviews, community consultations and existing community and other stakeholder plans. Undertake discussion and workshops with the Community Working Party, key community members, groups, individuals and interagency service groups, key decision-makers within Government agencies and the business sector.

Conduct a community brainstorming session involving the CWP and community members to form a draft Action Plan utilising graphical and pictorial layouts and stories derived from the participants during the project. Recommendations were collated that could be realistically achieved and translated into a practical plan that had short, medium and long-term objectives.


A Celebration of Community & Culture, "Yaamma ( welcome ) Festival" was the first project to come out of the Bourke Aboriginal Community Working Party Plan was held over 8 days, each day highlighting a particular aspect of the community development plan.

The plan helped unite the community through creative processes & provided a positive & fun vehicle to address numerous core issues in the Community.


‘The Bourke Community Working Party would like to thank Robert and Greg from BT for their facilitation skills and the fun they brought to the planning process and their designs’
Bourke Community Working Party