Jilamara Business Plan


The Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists In (ANKAAA) and Jilamara Arts from Melville Island contracted BT to prepare a business plan.

Jilamara has produced several internationally renowned artists. The recent passing away of 2 of their most highly regarded artists, the ‘two old ladies’, saddened and left a gap in their ranks. Fortunately, Jilamara have other highly regarded artists and many emerging artists.

How to maximise their future opportunities and continue to improve their enterprise and still maintain their traditions?


Jilmara; the word itself is Tiwi for ‘design’, this and their policy of only using natural ochres became their brand and point of difference in a flooded market place.

BT with specialist Arts consultant Felicity (Flick) Wright workshopped with the artists and directors to identify and clarify the desired future directions.

The Manager and Coordinator, Michele and Quentin, provided the essential technical and management information to produce a great plan.

BT’s facilitated workshop processes, complimented by sound market research and business planning principles, produced a successful outcome. The plan identified the big picture strategies and produced action plans with measurable KPIs.


The professional publishing, final design and presentation of the plan set it apart from the plans of most Aboriginal Art centres in the ANKAAA region. This will assist in the centre attracting further financial support.

The clients are very pleased with the plan and are already seeing improvements in quality, productivity and sales.

‘Burdon Torzillo facillitated an effective process that has resulted in good outcomes for the artists and managers of the centre'
Quentin Sprague, Arts Coordinator, Jilamara Arts and Craft Association