The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council: EMPOWER kit


NSWALC contracted Burdon Torzillo to solve two key challenges;

  • how to effectively present and deliver new and highly complex legislative governance arrangements to Board members with a wide range of educational and experiential backgrounds and ensure good governance and compliance is clearly understood
  • how to effectively deliver the awareness to over 1000 Board members from 122 Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) spread across NSW in a very limited time frame.


The graphically enhanced EMPOWER Good Governance kit was designed, it is concise, comprehensive and consistent with the new legislation. The layouts are engaging and easy to understand and follow. An A4 and A3 participant kit was produced, a series of summary posters and a electronic flash summary.

A highly participatory methodology and 2 day training session was designed and over 20 trainers many of whom were Aboriginal were trained in the delivery methods and the use of 'talking paper' and other interactive methodologies. They were equipped with a training delivery manual and went forth throughout the NSW and delivered the training.

BT assisted in the delivery throughout NSW.


The client reported that the tools and training met all requirements under the legislation and that participant"s feedback was excellent, most importantly that the training was engaging, informative, relevant and fun.

The benefits of the project included:

  • The Board members capacity and understanding of the legislation and their roles has greatly increased
  • The client has increased capacity for their own internal professional development
  • They have a training asset that can easily be updated as needed
  • Training and compliance was met


β€˜I was very impressed with the professionalism of the BT team, from the creation of content through to the training delivery. Their capacity and skill with Visual Explanations and learning and development methodologies is exemplary.’
Wayne Munster, NSWALC